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The Who Flung Flu

By Bud Lemire

I can tell you something, about the Who Flung Flu
It'll take your strength, right away from you
It'll leave you tied up, right there in your bed
And will do some nasty things, right inside your head

I can tell you, I didn't know who flung what
And I found myself, landing on my butt
It had me so weak, that I had to sleep
And I got so mad, at this Who Flung Creep

I did my very best, to fight my way back
Yet my feet seemed as though they were out of whack
So I flung this flu, high up in my room
When it landed, I swept it up with a broom

Just when I thought it was over and was done
The Flu Flung back to have some more fun
I asked Soo Sung, what is it I should do
And she sang a song, that made the Who Flung blue

It was so funny, that I turned blue too
So Soo Sung sang another song, one that I knew
This one lifted the flu from my very soul
And she flung this flu into the popcorn bowl

We covered it quickly, and dashed it to the chute
And down it went, just like some rotten fruit
Soo Sung sang me such a wonderful tune
As I sat there smiling, by the light of the moon

©Mar 02, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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