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Dear Heart

By Bud Lemire

Dear Heart, so gentle and kind
These are qualities in you that I find
Gentle and caring, for those around
Let the light of love, always surround

Dear Heart, gentle on the soul
A special friend, I'm so glad to know
You are gifted, with a quality so rare
And with your love, always willing to share

Dear Heart, beating so deep inside
In you, I can always confide
You always listen, to what I have to say
Bringing out the sunshine, on a rainy day

Dear Heart, my heart knows your heart
For our souls in friendship, are never apart
Two hearts together, this friendship we share
Are two hearts joined, by the willingness to care

Dear Heart, so gentle and kind
Warmth of the heart, the soul, and the mind
Gentle and caring, always to be found
Helping friends, when they are around

©Mar 05, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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