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From My Past

By Bud Lemire

Are you someone I once knew
In another time, another place too
Because you feel like someone I know
Another lifetime so long ago

Maybe we shared together a family
Or you were a Mother or sister to me
A Father or brother is a possibility
So many relationships it could be

I feel I've known you longer than I do
And it's just been days since I've met you
There must be a logical reason to this feel
Of all things present and all that's real

I know the answers can be found
Whenever familar energies are around
But I can't figure out the answers here
Only that it feels good when you are near

Now you're someone that I know
Not very long before, I said my first hello
But you are also from my past
We've come together again at last

©Mar 07, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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