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ESSAY: Escanaba Easter

By Bud Lemire


I am up and the sun is shining on this Easter Sunday. It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here in Escanaba. As I look back on long ago Easters in my family, I'm reminded of my sister Nancy who kept Easter alive in the family.

My Mom, and I would be sitting watching TV in the living room, when we would hear something in the front hall. When I got there to find out what the noise was, all that was there was a basket filled with candy. When my brother John lived home, we caught her leaving once, when she fell on the porch while she was leaving. She would end up coming in the back door shortly. Never letting on that she had just come around from the front hall dropping off the basket of candy. She kept a holiday that would have died...alive! We then knew it was her, but she still continued to do, and pretend to not be the Easter Bunny. We never pressed the issue, because it was so very thoughtful of her to do this.

She has such a caring heart when it comes to family. She continues to do the same thing today. Last night I saw someone standing outside my door(feet seen under the door), and then came a loud knock. I went to check it, and there on the floor in front of the door was this big basket filled with fruit and candy. The elevator door was still half open and closing, and out of the door peeped Nancy's head, curious to see if I had come to the door yet to check. She pointed to the basket on the hall floor, "hey, did the Easter Bunny come?'

I just smiled and said yes. She and Rhonda got out of the elevator for a short while. I talked just seconds to them, as they were both hungry and wanted to get home to eat.

Easters never change for the Easter Bunny, who just happens to be my sister Nancy. I love the Easter Bunny! When I was a little boy, Mom(The Easter Bunny) would hide the Easter baskets for us kids around the house, and on Easter morning, us kids would look for them. Sometimes the basket would be in the oven of the stove, or a pantry bin, or behind a chair or the couch in the living room. The Easter Bunny was always around in this family, and so was the greatest love anyone could ever find.

I thank you Easter Bunny, from the top of your long ears to the bottom of your bushy tail. And Nancy, thank you so very much for hopping along to make life so much more special on this holiday called Easter. I love you too! '

Yesterday went well, I got up early and got online for several hours. Chatted with many old friends and many new friends. It was wonderful. Later decided I better go downstairs to check out the surroundings and see how everything was going. I had to print out something on the Lobby computer. I visited with some residents, as this holiday slowed down the usual flow of people around the building. I came back upstairs and there was a message saying that Bob needed me tonight(Saturday). I had gotten an E-Mail from John's wife Terry saying Bob needed me. Bob himself left a message on the answering machine, as did my brother John. And downstairs later, a resident named Bob told me he saw Bob at the store and he needed me tonight(Saturday). So Bob always finds a way to get through when my computer keeps me busy online. Of course usually I know when to come in. But next time I should take time to check with him when I can. Online I had a wonderful two hour visit with a dear friend in Northern California.

I worked for Bob last night(how did you know?). It wasn't too cold out, so I walked 18 blocks up to his house. Then later(almost 3 hours), I walked home. On my way home I met up with two people I know and stopped to talk with them awhile. Got home and ate an avocado with tortillas, and got online and had a wonderful visit on my favorite chat places JVP and PAL TALK. Sleep caught up with me, and after I caught up on sleep....I woke up to this Beautiful Easter Sunday.

Who could ask for more. A Great day, great family and friends, and the greatest love anyone could have.



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