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A Man From Mars

By Bud Lemire

It was a day I called a man from Mars
I asked him if Martians drove cars
He asked me if the birds could fly
I said they do and asked him why

He said their cars have wings and fly
They're often seen up in the sky
I asked him what Martians like to eat
He said mostly they crave something sweet

Martians eat avocados, because they are green
But too many consumed, makes them obscene
"Are all Martians green?" I had to ask
He answered yes, but some wear a mask

A Mask? Well, what's that for
Too many questions, he'd like to ignore
I asked if they have music on Mars
He said yes, but it's not from guitars

I asked him how they made their musical sound
He replied, from a musical instrument that he had found
What does it look like, I wanted to know
He described a flute, and I felt aglow

Oh play me a tune on your Martian flute
I thought for a moment that the phone had gone mute
Then all of a sudden I heard this magical sound
That touched me all over, from my head to the ground
I thanked him for playing this Martian Flute for me
As the Martian hung up, I danced away in glee

©Mar 21, 2005 Bud Lemire

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