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Connecting Through Time

By Bud Lemire

I give to you everything, energy from my soul
So that you will understand, and you'll always know
We are connected, and we shall always be
By something so much deeper, between you and me

Once our souls have touched, there's no going back
It has the chakra working, towards a spiritual heart attack
We have been together, in a bond that's so complete
Now we won't be strangers, if ever we should meet

Maybe we have been together, in another time and place
Where we each lived differently, behind a different face
My memory of that lifetime, is not one I can recall
Yet the feelings are quite strong, I can feel them all

I know that love, played a special part
For I can feel it, through the chakra of my heart
And within my crown chakra, I feel the warm air
Twirling and alive, for you have touched me there

Although my memory, won't allow me in that time
I do sense our deep bond, and know you were mine
So again we meet, and touch just like we do
Souls connecting through time, as energies come through

©Mar 09, 2005 Bud Lemire

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