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Drops of Water

By Bud Lemire

Let me be the drops of water, that takes away your thirst
Let me be the one, to calm the pain that is the worst
Let the water flow, calming your very soul
As my water falls, nourishing your need to grow

Let me give you all that you need
So your heart, won't have to bleed
Feel the drops of water, as it replenishes you
To see your life come back, is what I love to do

I see the life again, as your strength comes back
From the drops of water, that you once had lacked
I see the colour, is back in your face
Such a beauty you are, to the human race

When your well runs dry, and you're feeling weak
Let my water drops, be your flowing creek
My love of life, will always help you through
Purify your soul, dripping down on you

Let me be the drops of water, that takes away your thirst
Healing all your pain, before it gets any worse

©Mar 13, 2005 Bud Lemire

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