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By Mary E. Adair

June 2005

Yes, June, month of brides, beginning summer vacations, summer school for some, breaking out the fans, or getting the air conditioners cleaned and serviced for their heavy duties ahead. It is also time for lots and lots of reruns on TV, and remote controls surfing through the menu lists for something new, something challenging, just something not known by heart, and preferably minus most of the commercials. (Even though, while watching some television recently, the commercials were the most creative part of the evening.) The real point is, with all those reruns, and the freedom from school schedules, June is a good month to read.

So, let's do some reading this month. Then when you've done that, whip up your own special venue of composing and send in what you would like to see published here. Or, perhaps you are more a painter, or photographer than you are writer. We are now showcasing artwork in Pencil Stubs Online.

Last month, we presented a "mystery" creation, and requested feedback on the subject matter, the medium employed, even anything you could discern concerning the artist. This month, that mystery is disclosed, and some of you will be surprised, but most of all, you should be intrigued that the artist saw the beauty and was able to capture it. Please check out the information by SusanD, aka Spuds, on her work in the article, "Art Mystery Revealed."

One of the other articles also presents artwork, in a medium some may not consider art, but it is a demanding form of creativity representing skill, persistence, and the abiding vision of the artist to bring it to fruition. Brandala submitted this article, "June Art Presentation: my artist."

LC VanSavage admits what many of us know about ourselves, but would never confess in the third article for June, "Games I Cannot Win." LC is also the regular contributor of the column, "Consider This." Other columnists bring their wit and expertise to bear in the following: Leo C. Helmer, "Cookin' With Leo;" Gerard Meister, "Thinking Out Loud;" and Mattie Lennon, "Irish Eyes."

Happily, we have added three chapters (Kings) to Leo C. Helmer's "Tales From The Good Book." His tales are his own versions of popular bible stories with a dash of humor, a pinch of reality, and a twist of "elevated Americana." Though not in the Table of Contents for June, the "Tales" are easily accessed by clicking on Serialized Stories on the left sidebar of our pages.

Our poets have been busy too. Bud Lemire opens our eyes with his poems, "A Feather Blowing," "Cathy," "The First Day of the Dragonfly," "Thank You, God," "Earthtide," and "The Place Called Home." John I. Blair brings his unique way of showing us beauty where many overlook it in these poems: "The World Like An Enameled Panel," "Rescued Roses," and "Turkish Moon," then grows contemplative with "The Easy Stuff, " "Blessed Are The Peacemakers," and "Shotgun Shack." Interestingly, the latter recalls a poem by Jim Echols (deceased) The Swinging Bridge of Osage from March 2001, which may refer to the same locale. It originally appeared in 1996 in an issue of Hobbies, Etc., a parent publication of Pencil Stubs Online.

It has been awhile since Rochelle Hope Mehr appeared here, but her work sets a poignant mood as she reflects on "terri schiavo," moves into awareness of familial dysfunctions with "From the Cradle," and then glides gently through "Passepied." Sheila Keith extends a joyous directive with "Dance, My Child, Dance," and reassures us in "God Is With Us." Bruce Clifford sings his song, "I Don't Think," and laments the loss of his "Silo."

Gregory Hargrave, aka Yopo, muses upon an engraving by Gustave Doré, and captures some of its mystique, by going within the scene. The haunting poem, "The Place Between," is the result.

We are excited to welcome a new writer to our ezine. Bjean, known to many chatters in the chat room of James Van Praagh, uses her inspired writing to lead meditations, enhancing the chat experience for participants. Her poem, "Float Not Away ..." came to her during her personal at home meditation, and we are happy she chose to publish it here. We hope more of her beautiful compositions will follow.

Lisa Richardson, who recently shared one of her poems in pencilstubs, submits a channeled tale, "Spirit Walker." Lisa, an Australian author, certainly delved into the emotions of this story. We welcome Douglas Weston to our publication again, and are pleased to present his "Moment - to - Remember." This is one you won't soon forget.

Brooke Clifford's serial story adds part 5 to "Teen Titans -My Own Story" as she revs up the action and introduces more characters. Authors do appreciate feedback, and on any page, you can easily send your comments for immediate publication. Remember that clicking on the byline will open a list of other things they have published here, and if they sent in a bio and picture, it will be on the same page. Another handy feature our webmaster, Michael Craner has included is the opportunity to email your friends and invite them to come read the poem, story, article or column you would like them to see. The form is also on each page.

Perhaps you will be traveling this month, and we wish you safe journeys, but if you are housebound, don't miss the delight of "traveling" through this month's issue, and even if you are out and away, browse and "bookmark" by emailing yourself the page you want to take time to study, or refer to, in the future. We leave you now to begin enjoying June.

See you in July!  

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