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By Mary E. Adair

July 2005

Our world is so diversified that while we are sweltering here in west Texas, our friends in Australia are beginning their cooler season, heading into their winter days. One thing that brought this to mind is having the pleasure of welcoming a new columnist to our ezine who just happens to live in Australia now, though he hails from England. Eric Shackle now 86, has written newspaper articles for more than 67 years (one of his earliest stories, published by a Brisbane newspaper when he was 18, is included in his Ebook).

That free eBook, "Life Begins at Eighty ... On the Internet" by the veteran Sydney journalist Shackle, can be found on Barry Downs's Kimberley, South Africa Website,, linked to other sites in the United States, England, Scotland, Australia and Bangladesh. Downs, himself from England, accomplished in Computer Systems Analysis, opened BDB Computer Systems, initially marketing Apple computers, designing and writing software etc., in 1952. The two met online, and through that contact now maintain and update the acclaimed multi-national Ebook monthly. You can learn more about them and their families by clicking success story. We are delighted to become part of the linking network of Graypow with the publishing of the July issue.

Our regular columnists, LC VanSavage, "Consider This;" Leo C. Helmer, "Cookin' With Leo;" Michael Craner, "Mike's Place;" Mattie Lennon, "Irish Eyes;" and Gerard Meister, "Thinking Out Loud," have put their thoughts and hearts into preparing a slate of entertaining reading for you. LC also shares an article, "Quitting Just Ain't Easy."

This months Art Presentation combines poetry and photography by Bud Lemire. Bud also has five compositions in the poetry section: "A Fly On The Wall," "It's Breathtaking," "Let Me Help," "Two Special People," and "Windows and Walls."

Also new to our ezine is Bisby Brogan who submitted "Lost For Words," a poem you will remember. "It's Getting Hard to Believe" and "Something That Didn't Belong" come to us from the songwriter/poet Bruce Clifford. Chiming with that titleSheila Keith does a poem called "Where I Belong" using a totally different subject. She offers two more poems this time, "Can You Hear Me" and "Remember When."

We welcome Clara Blair back with a singularly lovely poem, "Golden Raintree." Husband John I. Blair sends five poems, "Behind The Curtain," "Oh God of Hurricanes," "Seeing God," "The Wind Is Silent," and "Voices From The Past."

Continuing her take on some special characters, Brooke Clifford adds to "Teen Titans - My Own Story -part 6." If you haven't started this neat little story yet, click on her byline and you will be able to access all of the preceding chapters at the bottom of her bio page.

We are into the holiday weekend here for America's Independence Day, celebrated on the Fourth of July. Lots of people will be commemorating the date with fireworks, family get togethers, picnics and swimming parties. But, since it feels like it's just below the boiling point in our part of the world, we intend to stay near the air conditioner and enjoy some cooooooool reading from Pencil Stubs.

See you in August!  

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