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Two Special People

By Bud Lemire

There are two people who have joined together
Taking value, in each other's company to treasure
Through the years, of health and of age
They've been there for each other, through every stage

She sleeps on the couch, and gets up when she hears...
His cry of pain, and she calms his fears
She's always at his beckoned call
And holds him up, so he won't fall

Her dedication, has kept her very strong
As she listens to a cockatiel's song
Persistence is used, it is her key
To overcome problems, that she can't see

He lives in pain, often you can hear him cry
If he had his choice, he would choose to die
But his time isn't here, so he must stay
While she tries to comfort him, every day

Their love for each other, keeps them going along
Of these two souls, sharing a union that is strong
She makes sure, that he's always fed
While the Angels, dance over his bed

This love they have, I find today is rare
The love given to each other, they truly care
These two special people, have been blessed
To share in this love, that is the very best

©Mar 11, 2005 Bud Lemire

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