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A Feather Blowing

By Bud Lemire

You're just a feather blowing in the wind
Wondering just when your life will begin
All those times that you have cried
Wipe away those tears, you've always tried

Let the spirits guide your soul
As time passes, you will know
Exactly what you will need
And where your path will lead

You'll meet many along the way
Some will leave, some will stay
They will change the way that you feel
And they will touch, and help you to heal

Each path that will be taken
Should help your spirit awaken
For it's best that you will grow
On your journey of the soul

Keep an open mind to all
Don't stay inside of any wall
And you'll find when you explore
You will learn to be much more

©March 30, 2005 Bud Lemire

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