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By Bud Lemire

Earthtide, waves upon the shore
Letting us know there's so much more
Ripples affecting everyone you're around
Energies rising, up from the ground

Feel it, sense it, all from within
That is when your awakening will begin
Spirits gather to initiate your soul
To a much wider scope, of all that you know

Changes will happen, miracles never cease
Spiritual energies, will be yours to release
Healing and sealing, all will be there
Time moves in circles, as you become aware

You hear the whispers, they beckon to you
The spirits are around, to help you through
Senses are tingling, waves of the soul
Energies are moving, the feelings will grow

It's happening more, people becoming aware
Our spirit's more open, and willing to share
Earthtide, waves upon the shore
In a world where there is so much more

©March 31, 2005 Bud Lemire

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