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Windows and Walls

By Bud Lemire

There are windows and walls for us each
A place in our life we all must reach
The windows are what we each will see
The walls we climb over to set us free

Out of the window, some of us see nothing at all
And many of us give up on climbing over the wall
Over the wall, we must take to the air
Through the window, appreciate everything that's there

Fly to wherever our spirits will soar
Feel and experience, it all so much more
See through the window, beyond and before
That so many people, seem to ignore

You have the wings, if you practice you'll fly
All it takes is a good spirit that's willing to try
If you stay in focus, you won't miss a thing
A vision of splendor, is what it'll bring

Rejoice in the feelings, that are surrounding you
Take part in each moment, in all that you do
As we journey this lifetime, there's a place for us each
Beyond the windows and walls, that's within our reach

©Mar 31, 2005 Bud Lemire

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