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Lake Shore Drive

By Bud Lemire

I'm taken in by the creatures, who are so alive
Squirrels gathering food for their next meal
Closer to nature, is how I feel

The sun shining down on a beautiful scene
The lake so blue, and the grass so green
The trees with its branches, a sight so grand
God's presence is felt, throughout this land

The Escanaba city band is playing, on a wednesday night
As I sit on the hill watching, everything feels alright
Out to Aronson's Island, for a trip on my bike
To take in more beauty, of a wonderful sight

Down around the water plant,
and the Historical Museum for a ride
And a trip through the past, when I go inside
By the yacht harbor, and the municipal dock
I get off my bike, and go for a walk

There's the lighthouse, I see it out there
And I take in the beauty, that is seen everywhere
When I take a ride, down the Lake Shore Drive
I'm reminded of the things, that keep us alive

©Apr 14, 2005 Bud Lemire

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Name: John I. Blair Email:
Comment: Sounds like a beautiful place to spend a summer afternoon. Thanks for sharing your feelings.



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