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The Place Called Home

By Bud Lemire

I know you're up there, watching from the sky
As all the people come, to tell you goodbye
I know it's not over, just another journey started
Only your human life ends, when your spirit has departed

Up there in Heaven, in the kingdom of our lord
With plenty to do, so I know you won't be bored
Gathering with relatives, you've not seen in years
While those left on Earth, gather to share tears

I got to know you briefly, while you were here on Earth
I know your spirit well, and how much you're worth
You were my friend, in the way you treated me
A wonderful caring soul, who loved his family

I know it wasn't easy, especially near the end
In the company of Angels, is now the time you spend
I know you've earned your wings, for you have traveled far
You leave behind your worries, and your human scar

I know you're not so far away, but really very close
Intertwined in the hearts and souls, of those you love the most
Your spirit continues, on the journey of the soul
In the place called home, where all of us must go

©May 18, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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