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July Art Presentation

By Bud Lemire

This beautiful sight inspired the author to both write the poem and to take the breathtaking photograph.

The Harbor Tower Sunrise

When I awaken, something catches my eyes
From out of my window, it's a Harbor Tower Sunrise
Behind the clouds, is a colorful light
That beams through the openings, causing a wonderful sight

Right from my window, just like before
I take in this view, from the fifteenth floor
It beams through the clouds, right on the lake
I take in this scene, wondering if I'm awake

Down on the right, is the Municipal Dock
The very same place, where I go for a walk
I take in the lighthouse, to add to the scene
And gaze at the beauty, coming from the sunbeam

It's as if Heaven is reaching, down to us here
Opening the clouds, as God's touch comes near
It's almost as if, I'm taking in something unreal
I don't only see it, it's a vision I feel

You can see so much, you just have to look
I captured the beauty, with the pictures I took
Oh what a display, right before my eyes
This beautiful sunlight beaming across the sky

©Jun 22, 2005 Bud Lemire

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