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Seize This Moment

By Bud Lemire

Seize this moment, to let someone know
How much you care, with the feelings you show
Let them know, that their presence affects you
Colour their world, instead of shades of blue

Thoughts never reach them, when they are not spoken
Surround them with love, so their heart's not broken
Take a little time, to show them that you care
By reaching out, and making them aware

Too much pain, has been caused by words unsaid
When the people involved, are gone and dead
Don't let it pass, don't make them wait
Follow your heart, don't be too late

Seize this moment, open your heart
Lower the shields, that keep you apart
Don't let the differences, keep you away
Let your soul's message, make a good day

Don't waste a moment, time goes too fast
Lives aren't forever, their bodies won't last
Seize this moment, to show them face to face
That they're in your heart, in a special place

ŠJune 30, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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