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Nature's Magic

By Bud Lemire

I love the smell of cut grass, and after the rain
Flowing through my nostrils, right into my brain
I love a cool wind, when it's a nice breeze
Touching me so gently, as it blows the leaves on the trees

I love to see a chipmunk, scurry across the lawn
And to see the beauty, in a bright pink dawn
To wake up in the morning, and right before my eyes
Is a colorful picture, in the early morning sunrise

To walk along the harbor, and see the Canadian geese
To know that life goes on, and wonders never cease
The beauty of the clouds, way up in the sky
So magical and soul touching, seen before your eye

To hear the birds singing, each a different song
Up in the trees or the air, as you walk along
After a good rainfall, a rainbow's a sight to see
All the colors blended together, in life's mystery

Can you smell the lilac, coming to your nose
Or is it possibly another flower, a ruby red rose
Beauty can be seen, anywhere you go
It's Nature's Magic, to touch upon your soul

©June 30, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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