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By Bud Lemire

(May 31, 2005)

Bud: God, it's me again

God: It's been awhile

Bud: I know, I'm sorry

God: Why, did you do something wrong?

Bud: Well, I must have, because I was kicked out, banned permanently from a chatroom I use to visit often.

God: And because of this you believe you did something wrong.

Bud: Yes

God: You didn't do anything wrong

Bud: But I was banned because I did something wrong

God: You did everything right

Bud: What?

God: You did everything just the way I made you, so that you could help others in a way that only you could

Bud: Could I have gone past my limits?

God: There are no limitations. You went where you were suppose to go

Bud: Then why do I feel bad?

God: It's because it's a place you've come to know and love, and suddenly you've lost access to it.

Bud: It reminds me of what happened with my marriage in Washington state.

God: And so it should. When you've outgrown your stay somewhere, a push is given to change your direction. So comes the term "changes."

Bud: So I've done nothing wrong?

God: You've got to stop being so hard on yourself. The limitations were their limitations, not your's. You chose to be yourself completely, and that's what your spirit is suppose to be. Although so many humans don't understand this. You've decided to fly, while others still prefer to walk.

Bud: I've found another chatroom and made some new friends

God: I know, and they let you fly much higher

Bud: Yes, it feels so good to fit in there, and to know I won't be as limited to doing something wrong

God: It was time for this change to come. And with each change, comes more changes. The times they are a changing.

Bud: Bob Dylan?

God: Yes

Bud: Why am I so afraid of changes?

God: Humans are afraid of the unknown. They cling to routine and things that are familar to them. Humans must come out of their "comfort zones" in order to experience life to the fullest. They will grow in spirit through these changes.

Bud: With changes I always feel I'm leaving something behind

God: You are

Bud: I am?

God: Yes, the past

Bud: The past?

God: Yes, you leave behind the past, and can never go back to the past, for with each change you make in the present, you are destined to arrive in the future.

Bud: I think I know what you mean. When I went away to Washington state, and then two years later returned to Upper Michigan, even though it was the same place, it seemed different than before. I felt different.

God: Yes, you see things completely different because of your life changes

Bud: Exactly! I'm seeing things that I never noticed before. Things seem so much more beautiful to my eyes and senses.

God: Yes, you're seeing things for what they really are

Bud: Why don't more people see things this way

God: Because they are so caught up in their human lives, and don't take the time to stop and see what's really there.

Bud: Some people can see and hear and feel what others can not

God: Now you're talking about those who have their eyes open

Bud: Yes, those we call spiritual or psychic

God: Everyone is spiritual, for they are of the divine, which is me. But so many are afraid to open up and feel things for what they really are. They put up barriers to block out everything they could be feeling. They choose to be less than they could be.

Bud: I was that way once

God: Yes, you were. But your spirit has been gradually awakening for a long time now. You finally got the boost you needed

Bud: It's been amazing!

God: We've Only Just begun

Bud: The Carpenters?

God: Yes! People tend to forget there's more than just a "human being." There's "the human being spirit." This is who you are, in or out of your body. This makes you, and as you experience more, your spirit grows. You'll be able to sense more.

Bud: I like that. So we never really die, our bodies do, but our spirits don't.

God: That's right. You chose the body and life to learn. So tell me, have you learned anything?

Bud: Yes, so very much. More than I could ever say.

God: You don't have to say, I already know

Bud: Oh yeah, you're God

God: Did you think you were making this all up?

Bud: Sometimes I wonder

God: You've got to remember, we are one.

Bud: But some will think I made this all up

God: Yes, but others who need the message in what you write here, will receive it and know you share the truth

Bud: I know. It's like a feeling inside, you just know it because it rings true. It feels right.

God: You sensed it as true. And so many are out of tune with their senses

Bud: More and more people are becoming aware of their spiritual side. But there's so many who are not feeling what is there

God: They have their own lessons to learn. It is their lifetime journey to learn what they came here to learn

Bud: God, thank you for so much for talking with me

God: Don't wait so long next time. I am always with you

Bud: I love you

God: I love you also


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