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Picturing The Spirit

By Bud Lemire

Looking over photos, something came to mind
Captured in a picture, it's what we leave behind
The human body, with its faults and its age
Taken with a camera, through each of life's stage

But there is something, only memories can see
The spirit of that person, of what they used to be
Their physical body ends, but the spirit carries on
In the spirit world, across the great beyond

As you relive their memory, they know and are near
To hold upon the special bond, of all that you hold dear
There's no restrictions to the spirit, their love is real
In the calmness of your soul, it's them that you can feel

Photos mixed with memories, come alive for you
Two souls join together again, in a bond that's true
Captured by a camera, to help your memory
Of the ones you love, in your photo history

Your soul feels the picture, memories to hold
When the time passes, and they are like gold
Memories to cherish, some can make you laugh
Spirits of a time gone, within a photograph

©July 18, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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