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School of Life

By Bud Lemire

We are here to remember all of those
Who are now in the place where everyone goes
They have journeyed far, but couldn't be here today
But we know their spirits, aren't far away

Known to us, they were in our class
Who would've thought, that we'd outlast
Their lives were cut, and now they're gone
But we remember them, in this song

In the school of life, we are taught and we learn
To do our best, for every way we turn
In hopes that the light, will carry us through
With the end result, making a better you

Study the books, and make a mental note
Of these words here, that the author wrote
Those who have left, continue in school
Beyond this world, under the Heavenly rule

For the spirit is ageless, as time passes by
When the human vessel ceases, causing tears in our eyes
We will remember them, and their mark upon this Earth
And cherish their presence, and honor their worth

ŠJune 21, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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