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Your Song

By Bud Lemire

When it comes your time to go
There are many things I wanted you to know
Many are the presents that we received
But none as precious as a friend who believed

You stood by me whether I was right or wrong
Your presence added strength and helped me along
You knew things that nobody else knew
Your words of comfort always helped me through

I know life here must end some time
And each of us must cross that line
I wanted you to know while you're still here
So understanding could be humanly clear

For once you cross over your spirit will soar
And will be again what it was before
No limitations will hold you down
Your wings will take you far off the ground

I know that God sent an Angel my way
For I wrote about you in this poem today
I'll miss your physical presence, your spirit was strong
And I'll always remember you, when I hear your song

©July 10, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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