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The Traveler On A Bike

By Bud Lemire

He's a journey man, the traveler on a bike
Pedaling along the sidewalk, doing what he likes
Watching all the squirrels, as they go running by
Gazing at the birds, flying in the sky

He doesn't ask for much
Finds pleasure in the sun's touch
Is warmed by his surroundings, and people that he meets
Touches deep within his soul, makes him feel complete

Sees things within, that nobody else can see
Feels with his heart and soul, his spirit's roaming free
He knows the good in people, and he knows the bad
He knows what makes them happy, and what makes them sad

He travels very far, to get to where he'll be
But it's an added bonus, to his good quality
Once he is there, he does his very best
It's the role he's in, while on his Earthly quest

As his bike keeps rolling, beauty is what he sees
Sunshine on the land, and all the different trees
The flowers, and the green grass upon the ground
He always seems to find good, wherever he is found

As he pedals down the sidewalk, and rides along the street
He waves at all the people, as only he can greet
He's a journey man, the traveler on a bike
Pedaling along the sidewalk, doing what he likes

©May 18, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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Name: John I. Blair Email:
Comment: I, too, am a bicycle rider. It's hard to be sad when you are riding a bicycle down the path, uncer the sky or trees, breeze blowing past you, scene constantly changing. Just be sure to wear a helmet!



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