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The Diving Seagull

By Bud Lemire

I don't know what's happening, but I'll tell you true
If a seagull dove at you, what would you do?
I was taking a shortcut, by a popular local store
One that I had been to, many times before

When from atop of one store, a seagull dove at me
I couldn't believe what happened, so I turned around to see
That seagull had me in its sights, as I met its eye
I knew it was time for me, to make a fast goodbye

So I pedaled my bicycle fast to one store, and the seagull flew away
When I came out of the store, that seagull was going to pay
So I went back, to the place where the seagull sat
But there was no sign, of that diving seagull rat

It was several weeks later, I returned to that spot
That seagull dove at me again, it was right on the dot
I wondered what would cause, a seagull to dive at me
Some say it might have nest, and it was guarding it protectively

Well, on my way home, on a road not far from there
Two seagulls were diving down at me, then into the air
I tried to seek the answers, to see what I could find
That maybe the seagulls diving, was a certain sign

One seer of the spirits, told me what she already knew
"It was your paternal Uncle, trying to get attention from you"
I wonder what he wanted, if this is really true
And why he'd dive at me, I wish I really knew

One thing that I do know, I'll be careful every day
And watch for diving seagulls, that will come my way

©Jul 07, 2005 Bud Lemire

The seagull in Lemire's picture below seems to dwarf the background lighthouse, but instead indicates the distance over to that structure.
Photo Credit: Bud Lemire


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Reader Comments

Name: John I. Blair Email:
Comment: My wife and I love to feed the seagulls down at the shore at Port Aransas, Texas. They often "dive bomb" us, looking for handouts, and will take food from our hands on the wing. We've learned to park our car at least 100 feet away from where we feed them, and sit under an overhanging roof on a picnic shelter, to avoid "accidents".



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