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No Power In The Tower

By Bud Lemire

I was chatting with Bonnie and Linda in the back
When all of a sudden the night went completely black
A bat was flying around, so we came in to chat some more
Another resident in her nightie, opened up the door

People left in darkness, came in to say hello
Wondering what had happened, did anybody know
Some said it was an accident, over on tenth street
Whether that was true or not. information was incomplete

Len was on the job, and trying to get through
Judi stopped by, but there was nothing she could do
Sisters Rebecca and Ginger were playing pool in the dark
Out in the hallway walking, there was Mark

One Katie was upset, because she couldn't watch TV
While Crazy Katie with her glasses on, looked sleepy
One Bob got knocked off his computer, came in to sit
On this side of Ludington street, some lights weren't lit

Evelyn arrived, walking down eleven flights of stairs
She said the elevator light wasn't lit, so she wouldn't dare
The elevators worked mostly, now and then they'd go out
As curiousity kept many people, pacing all about

Linda and I decided to return to the fifteenth floor
The elevator numbers went out at the closing of the door
Diane peeked out of her room, when she heard our words spoken
She saw it was dark on the street, and had just awoken

It wasn't too long later, the power came back on
I settled back with some light music, listening to a song

©Aug 09, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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Reader Comments

Name: John I. Blair Email:
Comment: We've lost power for hours two different days this summer. It brings people out of their airconditioned shells. I actually walked down to the corner of the block (looking for the utility company repair trucks) for the first time in months. And visited my next-door neighbor for the first time in weeks. Sure liked it when the power came back on, though!



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