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By Mary E. Adair

October 2005

At Last!

Grateful that September is now behind us? Compared to what October promises or flaunts, namely Halloween tricks and treating and 'haunts,' the ninth month has been a serious period weather-wise, as well as being fraught with other calamities all over the world. Too rough to blame it on Mother Nature, and impossible to lay at the door of any single country's mis-steps or poor perspective, so we will just have to go forward with lessons learned from the dire circumstances of flooding, forest fires, typhoons, huricanes, earthquakes, and last but not least war casualties with their ever present collateral damage.

Little wonder that one turns to reading to lift their spirits, rekindle their enthusiasm for life, love, and adventure. If that is what you've done by coming here, accept this editor's apologies for reminding you what a trial last month was, and let's settle down to exploring what Pencil Stubs Online offers this month.

First we welcome a new author, Thomas F. O'Neill, whose article "Let Us Remember Our Heritage" comes to us in answer to our request to use it. The author has graciously consented and will have other work in these pages in the months to come. Two other articles, one by LC Van Savage, "Give Us This Day Our Daily Goals!" and the "Editorial: Washington Today" by Leo C. Helmer offer two completely different and entertaining styles of commentary, but both will have you comparing your own thoughts with their's.

You can also find the latter two in the Column section: "Consider This," by LC Van Savage, and Helmer's "Cookin' With Leo." While there, check out "Eric Shackle's Column" by that fine Australian based gentleman, and Floridian author Gerard Meister's humorous "Thinking Out Loud." Dublin's busy journalist Mattie Lennon gives us the lowdown on the new European energy ideas in "Irish Eyes." Our esteemed and extremely busy webmaster and co-founder Mike Craner joins us in "Mike's Place".

Fourteen poems grace the issue with a half-dozen each from Bud Lemire and John I. Blair, and two, "Just Tell Me Why" and "Kelly's Grandmother (A Katrina Victim)" by Bruce Clifford.

    Lemire shares "Being Of Light," "The Angels Gathered," "The Greatest Gift Of All," "The Souls Flame," "The Spoken Word," and "With Their Love."

    Blair's list shows "Don't Go To Sleep Mad," "Existential," "In Love With The Earth," "Shoes," "Sweet Lemons," and "With Every Breath I Take."

We continue Brooke Clifford's segmented tale, "Teen Titans - My Own Story -part 9." If you haven't read all of this story so far, the previous chapters are easily accessed by clicking on the author's byline. These chapters are short and easy for your children to follow. It is a wonderful way to encourage them to look beyond the television and is a good way of expanding their skill of reading and using the computer. That could come in handy soon, when book reports and essays are required.

The cooler weather will soon have all of us snuggling down and opting to stay indoors, so let us suggest you try your hand at writing while the winds howl around outside. Submit your poetry and stories; articles and ideas for a regular column. This is an internationally read production, and lauded by Netscape (among others) as one of the foremost art and literary ezines on the web. We are halfway through our eighth year and gaining readers daily. Join in the fun of seeing your compositions online! We welcome your submissions, and if you have questions, just use the contact info on the sidebar.

See you next month!

You are invited to join your Editor
October 8th, 4:00 pm Eastern Time
at the James Van Praagh chatroom
when she guest-hosts the monthly Book Chat
"Forever Ours" by Janis Amatuzio, MD.
Chatters will be encouraged to enter the discussion on this fine book.

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