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The Angels Gathered

By Bud Lemire

The Angels gathered around his bed
To the Heavenly place is where he was led

But before he left, he looked around
At the place where so much love was found

At the pictures of his family, that was found there
And the wife, who gave him so much care

At the golfing plaques, and the cribbage board
And at the gray cat Bud, who acted ignored

"I hate to leave," he said, "for I loved it here"
"If not for the pain, but now that's disappeared"

The celestial beings all spoke without words
And into his mind, voices were heard

You've left your body, and your pain behind
Your speech is clearer, since you've left your mind

Your spirit will carry you, the rest of the way
It was only your body, that died on this day

He spoke so clearly, "will I see them again?"
The Angels replied, Always, with the love they send

When in need, your soul will return
To guide, to teach, to hold, to learn

It is time now for you to leave
You must leave your family behind to grieve

He looked at the one he loved the most
Who stared at his body, not seeing his ghost

Tears down her face, of the love they had shared
One special wife, whose soul showed she cared

As he and the Angels ascended into the light
I saw a vision, of these words I should write

He gave his love unselfishly
You can see it in his family

A gentle man among the human race
He carries his love to the spiritual place.

...For a gentle man, Ralph Schilz

©Sept 23, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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