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The Spoken Word

By Bud Lemire

Watch what you say, when your words are spoken
They can cut others deeply, and hearts will be broken
Don't be so bitter, with such a display
If you don't like them, ignore them I say

Think of yourself, when your words reach the air
That here is a person, who's not thinking fair
You're not like them, they're not like you
Do you really know, just what they've been through

Think for a moment, of this thoughtless deed
That can cut the soul deep, and make their heart bleed
Did you ever have a word spoken, that bothered you
Even though you knew, that it wasn't true

Think! You can't take these words back
And it shows the consideration that you lack
Just when you thought they were the fool
They've been used, as if they were your tool

Don't say anything, if your mind is filled with hate
For senseless words is not a good trait
So remember the words, that might be heard
And use your head wisely, with The Spoken Word

©Sept 15, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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