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With Their Love

By Bud Lemire

If they could see me now, in everything I do
All that I've accomplished and what I've been through
Oh wait a minute, they do see me and you
It's just from a different, place and point of view

They're in the spirit world, the heavenly place
And they guide us through, with everything we face
Oh how their presence here, touched me very deep
Memories of times long past, that I'll always keep

I know they are with me, and they see my spirit grow
And within my very being, follow me everywhere I go
I know they send me love, because I feel it every day
I know they are close to me, and haven't gone away

Yet I can not see them, nor touch them like before
But I feel their presence, from the other side of the door
They send me love, and touch me to my soul
Sharing in the bond, that we've come to know

They guide me on the right path, and make me feel just right
And when the road is dark, they guide me with their light
I write this poem for them, for always being here
To help me overcome obtacles, and overcome my fear

They surround me with their love, and comfort me too
I feel it very strongly, with everything I do
I see them in the Butterflies, that fly around in the air
Also in the creatures, and I know that they are there
I see them in the sunshine, when beaming down on me
That warms me very pleasantly, of all that I can be

©Aug 14, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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