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By Mary E. Adair

November 2005

And before we know it, this month will be winding down with Thanksgiving in the last few days, and we will be looking forward to the Christmas holidays... and there it will be... the New Year of 2006. Well, as for this editor, a little foot-dragging might be in order. Seems that the Christmas decorations are already out and now the halloween costumes are either being sold cheaply or are disappearing back into the stockroom to try again next year. What has happened to our period of peace and gratitude that November always promised us with its calendar page? Perhaps some of you will join me in giving added focus to this year's Thanksgiving holiday. If we mention it often, and really plan a good group of friends and relatives to join around the meal that is the centerpiece of the holiday, even if some of us have one eye, at least, on the TV and the day's football games, a bit of the gratefulness we keep buried most of the year might rise to the top of our hearts and the time spent will anchor memories for the days and years to come. This is our wish for each of you.

While doing some wishful thinking recently, the theme kept repeating that it would be nice to have more articles in our issue. Well, this month we do. Please check them out. None are alike and each should hold your attention.

We feature poetry in our ezine and November brings us twenty fine examples. John I. Blair and Bud Lemire have six poems apiece, while Bruce Clifford shows up with four. Sheila J. Keith shares two verses, one comes from a channeled source, and another is a ditty by yours truly.

    Bud Lemire's titles are: Deadly Curse, God's Angel, Harbor Tower Poem, Sweet Michelle, Mom's Love, and This Poem.
    John I. Blair's list shows: After The Rain, Anna's Smile, Armstrong's, First Frost, They Sleepeth, and Waiting For Spring Rolls.
    From the mind and heart of Bruce Clifford, we welcome the following: The Eleventh Dimension, With my Soul , I'm Not That Type of Man, and Lack of Pearls (The Wooly Worm).
    Sheila J. Keith has two moving compositions: Unselfish Eyes and Final Inspection.
    The channeled lines are credited to Michael ... Fly Not Away.
    The one remaining verse is simplistic and hopefully will remind some readers of the innocence of youth, Mary E. Adair's New Boy At School.

We welcome a new columnist this month, Thomas F. O'Neill and one of the articles is solely to introduce him. His column will be "Introspective." Gerard Meister presents a chuckle and a "know the feeling" thought with his "Thinking Out Loud." Leo C. Helmer does not have a cooking column for the first time in 7 years, but he does have two articles, while LC Van Savage has one of each.. her column, "Consider This," and the article, "Be Polite, Do It Right And Respondez." Eric Shackle also does double duty with both column and article... and if you don't follow the links suggested, you are missing one of the great bonuses this issue affords. Mike Craner, our esteemed webmaster and co-founder of this ezine also has a column this month. Please do read it and help if you are able. Mattie Lennon, kindly allowed his friend to use his column space with an appeal to anyone interested in Ireland and historical figures down thru the ages.... particularly those whose lives may have influenced the Wicklow area.

So, there you have a bit of a rundown to get you started. Please remember to offer your comments and suggestions and pats on the back for our authors.

See you next month.  

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