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By Bud Lemire

You may think this poem is about you

And who knows, it might be true

Or it might be about someone else I know

And I share it with others, so they'll grow

You'd know if it was about you I wrote

Your heart would be warmed, with dryness in your throat

Good energy all over you, and throughout your soul

And you wouldn't have to ask, you'd already know

Close your eyes, and tell me is this poem about you

Can you feel the answers , as they're coming through

Flow with the energy, and become as one

Let the feeling warm you, as if it was the sun

It's what I put into each and every poem

To guide you on your journey, on your way home

You know I'm sincere, in everything I write

Because you feel it, coming from my spiritual light

This poem was written, so you'd be aware

I write these poems for reading, because I really care

So here it is, a poem, especially from me

If you think it's about you, who knows, it could be

©Sept 16, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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