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Sweet Michelle

By Bud Lemire

Sweet Michelle
You know me so well
Your light shines so brightly
Deep in the heart of me

Always a warm feeling you send
With every moment together we spend
And it was my interest in genealogy
That brought your love to me

Your love always helped me through
Like a miracle, it came from within you
In the darkness that surrounded me
You gave me the light so I could see

A soul connection we have, felt through the skin
So close are our souls in spirit, my chakras spin
So strong is our love, so deeply together
I feel it throughout every day, it's a treasure

So wonderful is this feeling that's true
That connects me spiritually to you
Emotions going wild, a love so strong
Tingling all over, as I dance to your song

So sweet is my Michelle
The things that I could tell
All the good things that she does
And all that happened from waht was
I send her this poem, with all my love
Because lately, she's all I think of

©Oct 23, 2005 Bud Lemire

This is a poem for my friend Michelle, who has been with me online and through phone calls since 2000. Through our friendship...we have evolved spiritually together. So strongly we can feel each other's soul-energy(spirits). It is beyond the human love most would think it is. And just this year, it has gotten much stronger than ever. She has been going through such a painful time these past 14 years, as she has a rare blood disease which Doctors are trying to control, but are having a hard time doing. Each new discovery brings up something else. Some other problem, or some new disease. She lives throughout this pain daily. I am sharing this poem with you, and hope that you each will say a prayer for my dear Michelle. Thank you.

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Name: Elizabeth Email: Unlisted
Comment: Your friend is in my prayers, dear poet, and I'll ask blessings for you also.



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