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Mom's Love

By Bud Lemire

How can I tell you, so you'll believe
Of the special messages, that I receive
You probably already think I'm crazy
But by now you know, I'm just being me

So here goes, I'll tell you what I set out to
And you can believe it, anyway that you do
They say when a thought or anything reminds you
Of someone who's passed, that they're coming through

Their spirits are close to us, they are near
They've come to give us love, it's nothing to fear
It happened recently to me, as I chatted with a friend
And it wasn't my imagination, and I won't pretend
A song Mom use to sing to me, was on my mind
I looked it up on the internet, and took it as a sign

My friend told me, Mom was right next to me
She wanted me to set the loss of
She came to embrace me with all her love
And I knew where the thoughts came from, I was thinking of

All of a sudden, the greatest love feeling came over me
A strong tingling passing all through my body
My friend said Mom just gave me a hug and a white rose
She said given enough time and practice, the feeling grows
The white rose was for peace, to calm my soul
Of the love we shared, so I would always know

She said Mom had to go back, but she'd come back again
And she left me in the care of a spirit who was a good friend
My friend said that if I give it time
I'd be able to feel her presence, and know the signs
There wasn't any negative, it was Mom's love
And it was you, that I was thinking of

©Aug 27, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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