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Harbor Tower Poem

By Bud Lemire

Here's a Harbor Tower poem
For you to read as you sit at home
I write them and post them for you
They come to mind from out of the blue

Words from my heart, and from my soul
To share with you, so you will know
I tell of beauty, seen all around
Uplifting topics, to lift you off the ground

I write about creatures, that I see in my day
So you can envision them the same way
Maybe it'll be a poem about a dream come true
Or it might even be a poem about you

There are many people here, all of them unique
Individuals making a living, every day of the week
Some whose journey of life have brought them here
To find a safe home, to live in without fear

You'll find them here, both high and low
Friends and neighbors you'll come to know
People here from every age
Sharing stories of their life's stage

So here it is, a Harbor Tower poem
From a friend up high, you're not alone
For I live here, and I do care
Here's the poem, I wish to share

©Sep 11, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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