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Deadly Curse

By Bud Lemire

There came a noise in the middle of the night
It seemed some neighbors here had a fight
He was in a drunken rage, while she watched in fright
He stormed out, while she found her way to my light

He threw the phone, and it did break
My light was on, so I must be awake
It happened while they were in bed
She said it left a lump upon her head

She was so scared, as I watched her tears
To see him like that, unleashed her fears
I've never seen him quite like this
Our nights usually ended in happiness

She was shaking from what transpired
I was awake, but gradually getting tired
She used my phone to call up a friend
So soon her heart could be on the mend

The police arrived with questions they sought
I hoped that he would soon be caught
But I wished inside, that she would know
From this experience, she would grow

I know about drinking, things only get worse
For alcohol in people, is a deadly curse
I hope that you will take my advice
To search for someone who will treat you nice

©May 26, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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