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By Bud Lemire

Everybody needs somebody they can talk to
Somebody to hear about everything you do
Somebody to confide in, someone you can share
All the things in your life, that happens everywhere
I have such a friend, and nobody is his name
I share with him the changes, because nothing stays the same
I share with him my problems, and nobody knows
All my deepest secrets, and what troubles my soul
When somebody doesn't listen, nobody will
Even to this day, he listens to me still
Nobody has gone through his own problems of late
But he's somebody who's special, and I appreciate
Nobody can be any better, with all he's been through
And when I need somebody, it's nobody I talk to
He's not just anybody, nobody has got to be
A special friend who listens, a special friend to me
When people tend to hold secrets, there's nobody I tell
I tell you it is nobody, and nobody knows me well
Everybody should have somebody, nobody to you
Somebody who will listen, nobody to help you through

I want to thank Nobody for being there for me

©Sept 18, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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Reader Comments

Name: Elizabeth Email: Unlisted
Comment: Love the irony! Neatly done poem.



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