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Autumn Winds

By Bud Lemire

Late in the Autumn, fierce are the winds
Soon is the time, where Winter begins
Leaves from the street, blow everywhere
While clouds get darker, high in the air

Strong are the winds, as they blow around
Almost lifting me, a little off the ground
Can't go against it, too much force
It's understandable, considering the source

Branches fall from an old tree
But none of them fall on me
Garbage cans are laying in many places
In fields, alleys, and other open spaces

Against my window, the wind howls so much
Shaking and rattling, and carrying on such
I'm so happy I weigh as much as I do
If I weighed too little, I'd be blown away too

©Nov 14, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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Reader Comments

Name: Mary E. Adair Email:
Comment: at last! A wonderful new excuse for my solid build since we live here in windy windy West Texas! Only a few days ago we had up to 62 mph gusts and out here they really pack a punch since they carry with them the finely ground quartz which forms our nearby sand dunes.



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