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By Mary E. Adair

January 2006

That's right! It is finally here! So, that makes this edition of Pencil Stubs Online number 12 of Volume 8; and February begins the ninth year of our ezine. When Mike Craner, our webmaster, said to me "Let's try putting it online," after being told that January 1998 was to be the last of the 3D magazine called Hobbies, Etc., founded by my late husband A.G. Adair, little did either of us realize to what an extent this endeavor would grow. We now bring you columnists from around the world on a regular basis and showcase other articles, poetry, and stories by international authors as well.

We are a member of the senior network, Graypow, formed by Eric Shackle, an Australian writer and his webmaster Barry Downs, a South African computer expert, who first met online and discovered they both originate from Essex, England. The duo have published the electronic book called Eric Shackle's eBook.

As for Graypow Network,(and I quote from the eBook page) "ten of the world's best websites for senior citizens form the Graypow Network." They are linked from this page of the eBook so do yourself a favor and at least click and read about the content offered by these other ezines. Each carries or links one of Shackle's stories monthly which you will find here as a column, "Eric Shackle's Column" discussing in this issue what and where is the oldest Pub in the world.

Other columns for this month begin with LC Van Savage's "Consider This" where she laments her New Year's Day birthday. I also urge you to first read her article, "Scranton Pennsylvania - Part One and Part Two" as it is a loving tribute to her Father in Law, and also to the age that helped shape him.

Next you will find "Cookin' With Leo" however, this issue Leo C. Helmer doesn't give us one of his recipes, but favors us with his expertise concerning Coffee. A not to be missed column whether you are a coffee devotee or not.

"Introspective" a column by Thomas F. O'Neil discusses what makes our life worth living and we learn a bit more about his own history also. "Irish Eyes" regularly hosted by Mattie Lennon except when he graciously introduces other Irish authors to us, carries another historic tale accompanied by a gallery of photo's. Our thanks to webmaster Craner for readying these views (which are clickable for full size impact) chosen from the records about Plunkett of Ireland.

Mike Craner added his thoughts about our most recent holiday in his column "Mike's Place" --a viewpoint with which this editor can wholeheartedly agree. "Thinking Out Loud" presents the reader with a query -- and perhaps you will be able to decide for Gerard Meister or perhaps you'll find yourself on the wife's side. Our humorist puts you right in the middle.

Poetry also provides a variety of content with some writers picking up the theme of looking back while others muse on the future, or other aspects of our lives. John I. Blair's six poems are "Fighting The Demon Disappointment," "Ghosts," "If Time Is Like A River," "Thumbnail Sketch," "TreeTop," and "Good Neighbors." Bruce Clifford, a musician, shares six of his poems and songs with "Freedom of the Seas," "Inside Another's Lies," "On and On," "Who Are They To Say," "You Never Told Me," and "Songs From Conversations."

Bud Lemire remembers "Waves Upon The Shore," "I Married A Baby," and "Harbor Tower Christmas-2005." A couple of authors we haven't heard from in awhile are sharing their recent poems with us: Mark Crocker aka Rabbo gives us "Painted Pictures in The Mind," and M. Jay Mansfield aka FireEagle, discovers the "Soft Caress." In the Stories section you will find a tongue in cheek rendition of what you might call historical facts by our undaunted researcher Leo C. Helmer, "One of Leo's Tall 'Tails' ."

And this is the January reading we've lined up for you. Don't forget to click on the extra links available to browse for other entertaining fare.

Since 2005 proved to be a personally happier and more prosperous year for us than the two previous ones, we have high hopes for 2006. We wish for each of you more than you expect and possibly all you deserve in health, wealth, and prosperity for the New Year... but remember, friends and family are your greatest treasures.

See you in February!  

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