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Waves Upon The Shore

By Bud Lemire

Just like the waves upon the shore
Your life changes and you become more
Like the changing of your mind
You see life from a different point in time

Oh how you've grown to be
Things before, that you couldn't see
Eyes opened wide, to a new sight
So much brighter, surrounded by the light

Time changes for everyone
Until your life is done
And those left behind
Change their state of mind

Those who are beyond, a spirit of the light
Grow to be better, their souls have taken flight
gather around humans, changes are on the way
There's a new way of thinking, found in every day

Look all around, do you see that tree
Does it touch your soul, like it does to me
How about the clouds, brightly in the sky
Do you see the beauty, that's shown before your eye
There is that, and there is so much more
Just like the waves, the waves upon the shore

©Sep 14, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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