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I Married A Baby

By Bud Lemire

I married a baby, which isn't hard to do
I was so attracted, to her ga ga goo goo
I married a baby, oh yes it is true
Now changing diapers, is something new

She smiled a smile, whenever we would touch
And I love my baby, so very very much
In her eyes she carries, the story of her past
And I found myself, getting caught in them real fast

An old soul in a young body, she's had to renew
To start another journey, until it is through
Wow! Her energy is so very strong to feel
Wrapping itself around me, she's come to me to heal

It's not the marriage, of the one you know on Earth
It's the merging of two spirits, and knowing each other's worth
When the energies within, intertwine as one
A soul to soul connection, has only just begun

I married a baby, which isn't hard to do
Especially when her soul, deeply touches you

©Mar 13, 2005 Bud Lemire

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Reader Comments

Name: Bruce Clifford Email:
Comment: Meant to say Soul Mates do exist.



Name: Bruce Clifford Email:
Comment: Sould mates do exist!



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