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The Butterfly Whisper

By Bud Lemire

The butterfly flew around her ear
And she thought her Mother was near
Oh, if only you knew everything that I know
They come around, to keep you from feeling low

She watched in fascination, and the beauty of the wings
While in the background, a popular singer sings
A song that Mom loved, when she was here
She smiled in memory, and released a tear

If the butterfly could talk, I'm sure it would say
Don't cry for me, I haven't gone away
I'm always here, and hear your every word
I know your thoughts, as they are heard

She's caught up in the doubt, on what to believe
Unsure of the messages, she could receive
Is it really Mom in the form of a butterfly
Is this what happens to a soul when we die

The butterfly flew up to her ear
As if to whisper, "I am here"
It brought a smile to her face
And touched her in a special place

©Jan 12, 2006 Bud Lemire  

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Name: Sheila Email:
Comment: Hello Bud That is a beautiful and touching poem... Thank you for sharing it with everyone...



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