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Why Do We Need Music?

By Bud Lemire

"Why do we need music?" asked my brother Clyde
That's a good question, so I searched deep inside
I believe it has something to do with our soul
The touching of our spirit, so that it'll grow

I believe it was around, before our life began
And was embedded in us, to be a guiding hand
But let's get back to the question, posed by my brother
And all of those songs I remember, that were sung by my Mother

Just like food is to our bodies, music is to the soul
It gives us strength to exist, making us feel whole
When our spirit is down, and it is shaken
It mends our souls, and stops all the aching

When food is normal, we add spice to what we eat
When life is mundane, we choose music with a happy beat
When we want to feel something, it's there in any song
Touching us in places, bringing us to where we belong

It'll bring out emotions, we need to set free
I know it does so many things, deep inside of me
The sad songs will give us release, and we will cry
Some songs will touch the soul, and make us want to fly

Why do we need music? God only knows
As it touches and uplifts, so many souls

©Jan 03, 2006 Bud Lemire  

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