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Cherokee Daughter

By Bud Lemire

She was a full blooded Cherokee
With her daughter at her knee
"Mom, can we change shapes like our ancestors did?"
She asked these questions, because she was a kid

She wanted to know all about her ancestry
And how they lived in the land of the free
She wanted to fly as high as she could, into the air
And to explore her spirit and to be aware

A beautiful little girl, with dark black hair
The prettiest smile upon her face, was placed there
She could learn to be brave and be strong
And learn the difference between right and wrong

For her people, things did change
In her life, it turned out to be strange
Voices heard, within her head
They came to her, from the dead

They showed her visions of things to come
Reminded her of where she was from
She stood tall, and she was so proud
Of her heritage, while in a crowd

It wasn't easy, with all they've been through
But they did what only they could do
She became a woman, and raised a family
The Cherokee Daughter, proud of her ancestry

©Jan 11, 2006 Bud Lemire  

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Comment: Bud, I love this poem... my family has Cherokee blood too. This speaks of how they had to make their lives work in spite of all the changes to their world. Thank you.



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