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Spiritual Energy

By Bud Lemire

As I entered a chatroom, someone said to me
"You're a good person, you have good energy"
I didn't know it was something someone could feel
For me, at this point, it seemed to be unreal

Until someone came to me, said my flame is too low
She touched my spirit, to help my energy grow
I thought to myself, how can this be
Never realizing, it would forever change me

Next was a soul connection, that was so strong
Floating and tingling, it didn't feel wrong
I was taken away, to a place I never knew
What would you think if it happened to you

It seemed I'd connect with people along the way
And miracles became normal in my everyday
I'd use my spiritual energy, to help those in need
Letting my spirit guide me, wherever it would lead

Some had given up on life, and were at the end of their rope
I'd send spiritual energy, making it easier for them to cope
I awakened those, who only wanted to sleep
I brushed tears away, of those who would weep

I touched those around me, and they touched me too
More than I ever thought, or ever knew
For I lit their flames, when they were ready to go out
I gave them hope, when strong was their doubt

Each year that I live, brings me something new
Spiritual experiences, that help me get through
What I thought was so strange so long ago
Is as common to me, as everything else I know

©Feb 06, 2006 Bud Lemire

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