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Life's Celebration 2

By Bud Lemire

I dedicate this poem to the soul
That makes us stronger, and makes us whole
The spirit that guides our destination
In our journey of life's celebration

Sometimes a piece of cake, sometimes it's hard to chew
Whatever the case, our spirit will help us through
The bumps in the road, will be leveled out
And before our journey's end, we'll know what it's about

It's a party for you, it's a party for me
Spin the bottle, or pin the tail on the donkey
Counting on whether your aim will be true
Whatever the outcome, count on good times for you

Bobbing for apples, will get your face wet
Think of the many people that you've met
Share in a drink from a bowl of punch
A gathering of friends take in a lunch

Celebrate life, for time passes quick
Too many people are getting sick
Appreciate time spent with a friend
In Life's Celebration, before your life ends

©Feb 21, 2006 Bud Lemire

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