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By Bud Lemire

She turned into a bird right before my eyes
It was an owl, who seemed to be so wise
Then she flew up very high
Among the clouds in the sky

Next thing I knew she was standing next to me
A beautiful woman, just as I knew her to be
Then I had to smile, she was licking my face
A huge gray wolf was there in her place

She walked away, and seemed to disappear
I knew she would be back, so I waited here
A horse came galloping up to me
Her mane was so dark, I knew it had to be

I jumped on her and we rode away
Transformations of another day
She took me on a ride to who knows where
Only that I loved being with her there

Back into a woman, we made love
Animal lust was what I was thinking of
So deep, so strong, was this love we share
Spiritual conciousness made us both aware
Transformations happening in the life we live
Changes made, with everything we give

©Feb 19, 2006 Bud Lemire

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