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A Yooper Pastie

By Bud Lemire

Give me a Yooper Pastie
Good tasting, so it's not nasty
With rutabagas, potatoes, and good meat
Enjoyment for my stomach, with every bite I eat
With a crust that tastes so great
Can't help but really appreciate
Right in my mouth, where it belongs
The taste buds singing the pastie songs
A little ketchup, right on top
Not too much, just a drop
Someone made these with their hands
So they would entice all my taste glands
A Yooper Pastie, Upper Michigan's treasure
A meal with good taste, a tongue's pleasure
Upper Peninsula, the Pastie place
Will bring a smile to your face
Take your fork, and try a bite
Your taste buds will dance in pastie delight
You ate your's up, mighty fasty
You'll need to order, another Yooper Pastie

©Feb 22, 2006 Bud Lemire

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