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Life Experienced Journey

By Bud Lemire

Life shouldn't be judged by right or wrong
But by experiences that help us along
Not by decisions that were mistakenly made
But the growth of our soul, that we've spiritually paid

Accusations shouldn't place anyone to blame
Everyone's different, we're not the same
We shouldn't judge others by what we know
Not knowing their origins, or where they will go

Even knowing their story, won't help judge them too
There's a deeper soul meaning, than you ever knew
On the surface, is one story to tell
Drink from the cup, of the Spiritual Well

Deep is the full story, only one person will know
The soul experience, that helps us to grow
The spiritual path, where each of us are lead
Are based from within, not words that are said

Next time you don't understand what you see
Based on your own Life Experienced Journey
Remember the answers, there's no right or wrong
Just a soul on their own path, as life moves along

©Feb 28, 2006 Bud Lemire

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