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By Mary E. Adair

April 2006

The month of showers, or so it is fabled, April arrived in our area with a bright but overcast sky. March did indeed go out like a lion, sprinkling the landscape with debris from tornadoes, prarie and brush and forest fires, flooding cloud-bursts, and hurricane strength straight winds. Across the globe, even earthquakes rumbled and slaughtered - though luckily, these were not the major disasters with tens of thousands of victims, yet those affected have much to mourn and rebuild.

In our own little space, a newly drilled well in the process of being connected for production released what is called sour gas. Your "Cookin'" columnist Helmer was sorely affected by it, as was one of our earlier writers, Mary E. Taylor. Taylor, a delightful storyteller, is also a mover-shaker, and she was able to contact oil industry authorities including the railroad commission and get the situation remedied. No doubt, she will eventually view it with her sense of humor and another tale will grace our ezine. Meanwhile, here is a link to enjoy some of her writing previously published in Pencil Stubs Online. Mary E. Taylor. Beneath her bio, you will find clickable titles to her stories.

We are featuring the article by Betty Collins, guest author from Bonzer! an Australian based ezine that is linked to Pencil Stubs Online through Graypow network. Subtitled "The Online, Monthly Journal by, for and about Wise Elders" Bonzer! is the copyrighted ezine offspring of HvanDyk. We are grateful for the permission to reprint Betty's column as an inducement to you readers to follow the links to the Graypow network for some exceptionally fine web surfing.

Among the other articles for April you will find "A Walk In My Boots -- Part IV" by our webmaster and co-founder Michael Craner. Although Mike has no column this time, the long awaited continuation of his personal journey fills the bill for depth and insight. Eric Shackle has both his column and the article, "Wonderful 1844 Steam-Powered Flying Machine. LC Van Savage clocks in with one each also - the article "Random Acts of Kindness" is hers as is the column "Consider This." Additional columns are: "Cookin' With Leo" by Leo C. Helmer; "Irish Eyes" by Mattie Lennon; "Thinking Out Loud" by Gerard Meister; and "Introspective" by Thomas F. O'Neill.

There are two stories in this issue: Paul Leadham's "Foxy and the Horses" and Phillip Hennessey's "Journey - A Poetic Essay." Among the 25 poems for April, Hennessey also penned the following: "Believe," "I @m," "We're Slaves," and "Thank You." Other poets this month and their work are:

    John I. Blair-- "Bobcat," "Cimarron, New Mexico," "Lobster Boys," "Incremental," "Night," and "KV63."
    Bud Lemire-- "A Haircut," 'I Let The Music Take Me," "These Messages," "Life Experienced Journey," "To Be A Bird," and "Immortal Our Soul."
    Bruce Clifford-- "The Fray," "I Lost the Girl," and "A Good Book."
    Brooke Clifford-- "Description of Audio (Symphony of the Rainforest)," and "I Am- Version 2.0." She is Bruce's daughter, still a teen but with a good list of work, a credit to her imagination and enthusiasm.
    M. Jay Mansfield aka FireEagle-- "Entombed" and "Original" - these two poems take a second look, but "Sign" sounds like that headlong rush of love mingled with lust that comes to each of us, if we're lucky enough, when nothing else matters.
    Suzanne Linfield Spindler aka Dr. Suzi-- "Larva, Por Favor." Thanks, Dr. Suzi, for this poem for it is deeper than it first appears.

Remember, click the author's name for their bio, and titles of their work published in Pencil Stubs Online.

Since this is quite a bit to read, we'll let you get started. See you in May!  

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