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These Messages

By Bud Lemire

There are answers found in the air
From the spirits standing there
If we listen to our soul
These messages, we will know

But sometimes we don't hear
So caught up in our own fear
When tense emotions are set free
Then these messages we will know and see

Distractions, noise, and other things
Clouds our thoughts for openings
Only in peace, when all is tranquil
These messages will appear real

Your mind is calm and free
To let these messages come to thee
Truthfully, many times I never know
These messages sent to my soul

Sometimes it's the messenger we see
But these things don't happen to me
I'm happy if I'm able to feel
Spiritual energies that help to heal
But maybe someday I will see
These messages that are sent to me

©Feb 28, 2006 Bud Lemire

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